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HousePlay - Montessori Animal Learning Farm

HousePlay - Montessori Animal Learning Farm

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Buy Animal Learning Farm and get a Self-Rolling Animal for FREE! Simply add this Farm and the Self-Rolling Animal to your shopping cart. The Self-Rolling Animal will not be charged.

Our lovely Montessori Animal Learning Farm is a toddler's dream come true!

Making playtime a fascinating educational trip that fosters their curiosity, promotes their cognitive development, and fills their hearts with the unforgettable joy of discovering their surroundings.

All while making treasured experiences and laying the groundwork for their future learning journeys.

Using Giggles to Promote Growth and Mastery

However, our Animal Learning Farm is more than just a game. It's an exciting journey. Each farm animal toy assists kids in reaching new levels of cognition.

Your child will learn to count, match, and sort, providing the framework for math and logic skills. They'll also be developing fine motor abilities as they giggle with glee!

 Fun and Safe - Cherishing First 'Moo'ments

But wait, there's more. Every Montessori Learning Farm item is handcrafted with care, with your children's safety and enjoyment in mind.

The soft-edged, bright farm animal sculptures are easy to handle and will withstand toddler play.

Choosing our Farm means selecting priceless experiences and memories. Consider your child's delight at making the initial link between the'moo' sound and the cute cow in their playhouse.


- Montessori-Inspired

- Improves Cognition and  Motor Skills

- Soft Animals for Comfortable Gripping

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