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Kiddie-Adventure™ Montessori Geometric Eggs

Kiddie-Adventure™ Montessori Geometric Eggs

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Did you know that by age 3, 90% of the human brain has developed?

Your child won't lose out on even 1% of that by playing with this toy. We break down shapes and colors into manageable chunks for our youngest learners since they make up the world around us.

Your youngster will build new neural pathways by matching colors and putting shapes together, which will make school a breeze for them.

Do you want to assist your child in learning?

It's one thing to say, "This is blue" or "That is a circle" but holding the object in your hand, looking at it from all sides, and putting it among other objects of the same form helps kids appreciate the true nature of the object or colour.

They build up the fundamentals geometry in this way.

Skills Developed Through The Egg Toy

The Montessori Geometric Eggs develop and fosters a lot of skills which prepare your little one for life.

- Develop fine motor skills

- Improve patience and self-dicipline

- Keep engaged and motivated

- Boost sensory exploration through colors and shapes

Get yours now. You and your little one will remember this memories for the rest of your life.

Please be cautious to prevent your child from swallowing any small parts of the product, as we cannot assume liability for this.

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